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How to access your online magazines:

#1: Click on the link in your email order confirmation (summary area). That will take you to a page on our website where there will be another link and our copyright information.

#2: Locate the UNIQUE username and password for the issue - found between the asterisks above the copyright information. The username and password are NOT the ones you use to log in to your account on our website.

(Note:  the newer issues will have TWO is for the online version and the other will take you to magcloud where you can download a pdf copy of the magazine.  Magcloud is a separate entity and you will have to create an account with them to access content on their site. All questions regarding using the magcloud site should be directed to them.)

#3. Click on the link. When the pop-up window appears, click "open" (You will  not be able to save the online magazine to your computer).

#4. When the next window asks for your username and password, enter the information you found in #2.

#5. When the magazine begins to load, bookmark it (add it to your favorites) so that you can return to it again-and-again at your leisure. Note: every page loads separately and at different rates. If at any time it seems to be taking a while, your computer may have gotten stuck. You can always press f5 (or refresh) on your computer.

If you still have problems accessing your magazine, you can email us at:  Please note that during our hiatus we will be checking email only sporadically and it may take some time to hear back from us.